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Scenic helicopter flight over Johannesburg with Sky View Helicopters.

Pay R895 pp for a scenic helicopter flight over Johannesburg with Sky View Helicopters

Everyone has a dream, whether it’s hiking up Kilimanjaro in a gorilla suit or breaking the world record for largest number of shoes owned by a sin­gle person. If your dream leaves you identifying with cheesy pop songs about feeling like a bird or believing you can fly.

Answering the popular question of whether Joburg’s stunning scenery looks better from ground-level or up high, Sky View’s skilled pilots shep­herd sightseers through the clouds to see the sights and make delighted ooh and aah sounds. Giving you the opportunity to experience pano­ramic views of the city and see the sights and impressive landmarks from a rather novel viewpoint, there’s no better way to fulfil your flying dream than a twenty minute flight with SkyView.  Sights include:  Johannesburg CBD, Vodacom Tower, Telkom Tower, Brixton Tower, Ellis Park, Johannesburg Zoo, Bruma Lake, Eastgate Shopping Centre, Linksfield Ridge, Zoo Lake, SABC building, Melville Koppies, Golf courses, Emmarentia Dam, The Westcliff Hotel, Soccer City, Golf Reef City and more.

With highly trained pilots, and a sturdy sky vehicle to hold you as you pass over all sorts of scenic beauties, you can trust that SkyView will provide the ideal outing for all scenery-junkies and high-fliers. Besides seeing the urban landscape from a bird’s-eye view, you also get to ex­perience the liberty of being in the air, without worrying about whether you’re going to fall out of bed when the dream ends. Whether you’re a fan of flying or a staunch land-lover, a trip with SkyView is probably the safest and most exhilarating way to live out your fantasies of soaring through the air like superman or a very large, featherless bird.

Zoo lake

Telkom Tower

melville Koppies

Johannesburg  Zoo

Skyview Helicopter Charters

Affiliated to National Airways Corporation (NAC) SkyView offers an array of VIP helicopter services. Our trusted helicopter charter employees have undergone extensive training and are dedicated to delivering a professional, safe and quality service to leisure, celebrity and corporate clients.