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Take a scenic, 1 hour helicopter flight to Hippo Creek Shooting Centre which is situated on the rim of the world renowned heritage site of the Vredefort Dome, which is known for its beauty and splendour with the Vaal river making its way through the Dome.  Located on the farm Seekoeifontein, approximately 300 Hectares in extent and  previously utilized as a cattle ranch and brick manufacturing factory. Currently, it accommodates Hippo Creek and its wild life, surrounded by many hills with varying topography. The ranges have all been established along a valley, orientated south and traversing from east to west for approximately 1 kilometre in length. Its south orientation ensures that at no stage will shooting be affected by the sun, as the sun will always be from the north.

A total of eight (8) clay target layouts that have been built to exact international standards and specifications, which include the following disciplines:

  • FITASC Sporting 16 Stand (100 Targets) walk through range.
  • FITASC Compak Sporting 8 ranges, all fully automated of which 4 with voice release
  • 5 Stand 8 ranges, all fully automated of which 4 with voice release
  • English Sporting 10 Stands (100 Targets)

** Any other configuration hereof can be customized and catered for Corporate and Fun Shooting Days.


  • Black Powder Trap
    • 1 range, Fully Automated with voice release and ancillary equipment.
  • Skeet
    • 2 ranges with delay mechanisms to accommodate both NSSA and Olympic Skeet
  • Trench
    • 1 Universal trench range fully automated with voice release where double trap can be accommodated.
    • 1 manual Trench range with voice release
  • Trap
    • 1 ATA Trap and DTL Trap Range fully automated with voice release.

A three hundred (300) Metre rifle range, is available where standard rifle disciplines can be shot including rifle sighting for hunting purposes including Field Target!

NOTE: Under NO circumstances may any shot be fired at live animals (feather or fur. When such animals enter the outfall zones, shooting must immediately be stopped, until the game has moved off or being herded away to safety.

Hippo Creek Is Open Every Day Of The Week From 09h00 - 16h00


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