Fashion Takes Flight - For the Fashionista in you……..

Since the 1930’s famed aviatrix, Amelia Earhart has remained an undying source of fashion inspiration, with the classic aviator look – a leather jacket, some masculine boots, a pair of vintage goggles – popping up time and time again - with the mere presence of these in your wardrobe a spectacular sense of adventure is conveyed.  Aviation is a stylish endeavour with high flying female aviators mixing modern styling with exotic settings.

 It was within this spirit that pilot’s from NAC Training at Rand Airport decided to arrange for a beautiful collaboration between fashion and aviation.  The event was to honor female pilots – it was to be a salute to each one of them,   exemplifying the reward of hard work without exception – their achievements are their own but their journey was made possible by an inspirational woman from NAC Training.  She taught them all to AVIATE, NAVIGATE AND COMMUNICATE and its with thanks to her that Leonardo da Vinci’s quote rings so true:  “when once you have tasted flight you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will always long to return”.  NAC offers various courses but in focus on this particular day was the one designed for pilots who hold a CPL and who wish to obtain a Helicopter Instructor Rating.  The initial training is in the classroom where the student is introduced to the principles and methods of instruction as well as the techniques of teaching and briefings in all the required sequences.  20 hours of “patter” are required, usually on the R22 with one or two flights on the R44.  The most intense part of the training is the briefing on the 31 exercises of the PPL license with the student briefing a Grade II Instructor in full, covering aerodynamics and airmanship.  Actual flight training consists of 20 hours of dual instruction and there are two examinations that need to be written ie Meteorology & Navigation; Law, Principles of Flight & Theory of Instruction.

So taking fashion to new heights,   Aerospace’s Hangar at Krugersdorp Airfield was transformed to show off Dress & Dare’s functional fashion to NAC’s formidable female pilots, in particular Susan Prinsloo who had recently qualified as a Flight Instructor.  The striking outfits in this aviation setting included chic evening wear in crushed, unexpected leather textures.   There was a very dominant fur trend, shifting from a total fur look to fur details on collars, cuffs and sleeves in vibrant purple, green, blue and red.  Chiffon and satin camisoles played a significant and versatile role as they teamed up with structured, quilted jackets.  The hottest trends and must haves for the season are bodysuits, waistcoats,   leatherette leggings, thigh high boots and tassled accessories in bold colours.

For all women who believe that every moment of life can be transformed into a WOW event,   allow me to confirm Amelia’s words “you haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky”.


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