Leaving a little sparkle wherever you go………………

In a heartfelt effort to make a dream come true for a little girl who has a rare spinal cancer, a group of passionate helicopter pilots arranged a trip to Tiffindell Ski Resort.  To everyone involved,  thank you for making it possible for Layla to see snow, she is still talking about it. She flew by helicopter from Rand Airport in Germiston to Tiffindell Ski Resort in the Southern Drakensberg.  She got to see a real snow man and enjoyed playing in the snow - Her smile is something that keeps her mom motivated to carry on with her fight. She still talks about her pilot friend - thank you for making her trip so special!  You flew her there safely, you made her tea and you made her smile when she put on the pilot sunglasses and cap.  She is such an inspiration in everyone’s life! It’s so incredibly heartwarming when people care enough to put others before themselves, they give of their time and leave a little sparkle behind. To all at Tiffindell, the welcome and effort that was put into making Layla feel special will never be forgotten!!  For each flame that was lit for Layla at night coming down the slopes brought tears to her mom’s eyes and is something that she will treasure for a long time. Layla turned to her mom and said: “Mommy, was that all for me?” Her mom replied, “yes my angel, it is all just for you”.  Layla replied, “Mommy, so they are still raising hope for Layla, there is still hope for me”.  Layla is wise and positive and even though she is on deaths door she never gives up.  Her mom is thankful from the bottom of her heart to each person who made the trip possible.  She will never forget the kindness of everyone involved and will cherish the memories for the rest of her life.


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